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Friday, March 13

5 PM - Welcome and opening remarks: Ilana Brito

5:30 PM - Team leaders present

6 PM - Dinner and team formation

7 PM - Check-in


Saturday, March 14

8 AM - Breakfast

9 AM - Microbiome Talk

12 PM - Lunch served

2 PM - Microbiome Talk

5 PM - Check-in

6 PM - Dinner served

Sunday, March 15 

8 AM - Breakfast served

9 AM - Check-in

12 PM - Lunch served

3 PM - Final presentations

4 PM - Awards



Teams:  Ideal team size is 4.


Data: Data sets used need to be public. Either data needs to be available for use on public domain, legal to use, or teams must disclose the use of their own data.


Submitting Projects: On Sunday, by 3pm, teams should email to Felicia New the following:

  1. team name

  2. team photo

  3. short description of project

  4. presentation

Final Presentations: Projects will be showcased on Sunday. Teams will present their projects to the judges and all participants. Each team will have 5 minutes plus 2 minutes for Q&A (judges only).

Human health

Do certain organisms or genes protect against infection or inflammation?

Can you identify dysfunctional biological pathways in patients?


How do probiotics work?

Can we predict how well a probiotic will work?

How can we expand the probiotic toolkit?


Create self-monitoring microbiome technologies

Can you identify targets for genetic engineering to modify biological activity?


Can you design probiotics to replace antibiotic use in agriculture?

Can you identify new biosynthetic genes for industrial/health applications from environmental samples?




$200 for the top team per category 

Most Creative Scientific Question

Best Data


Best Analysis

Most Creative Use of Methods

Best Presentation

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