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Microbiome Hack 2019

A look back at the excellent hackathon speakers and teams from 2019

Team Pro-Bee-Otics

Exploring the relationship between the microbiota and the health status of honey bees

Team Kensho

Using machine learning & big data to make strategic decisions in improving gut microbiome health

Team Forever Young

How can the microbiome be used to combat aging? An exploration of naked mole rat microbiomes

Scott Olesen, PhD

Scientific director

OpenBiome, a non-profit stool bank based in Boston, MA

Claire Duvallet, PhD

Data scientist

Biobot Analytics,

a analytical company measuring biomarkers in wastewater 

Meet the winning teams!

A look back at the excellent hackathon teams from 2019

Team McFly

Development of a microbiome-based diagnostic test for the early detection of Parkinson's disease

Team Colonosco-PY

Exploring anomaly detection and classifiers in colon cancer microbiome

Team CarcinoBiome

Predicting colorectal cancer based on increased F. nucleatum and sialidase

Team Boops Boops

Correlating the ocean microbiome with fish microbiome to create healthier and more sustainable fish farming

Best Analysis: CarcinoBiome

Best Presentation: Pro-Bee-Otics

Most Creative Scientific Question: Boops Boops

Most Creative Use of Methods: Forever Young

Honorable Mention Analysis: Colonosco-PY

Honorable Mention Presentation: McFly

Honorable Mention Data Viz: Kensho

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